Fall Flavor!

Happy Friday! Lately I have been gravitating towards longer nails, with a bit of a pointed shape, and lighter shades. Lighter colors are chic, work appropriate, and sexy in a understated way.

For fall, lighter shades of brown, grey, and pinks are the perfect hues to go on your beautiful hands and toes. Dark reds, dark blues, and dark purples are beautiful colors to wear when you start transitioning your look from fall to winter. Have a beautiful and safe weekend everyone! Thanks for reading. Xoxo.


“I’m not sure anyone knows what they’re looking for until they find it.”

Hey everyone! I hope everyone has a good start to Autumn! Life has been so busy, getting used to Dallas, working away, and playing with my dog. So I haven’t done a essay in awhile but I think it is time to do one again…so last week I went to a wedding in Austin and from the beginning I had to talk myself to go to it. Over the past few years I have developed “social anxiety.” I became so focused on my career, and addition to some personal things that happened in my life that I became a bit of a hermit. And now when I have to be around big groups of people especially Indians I tend to find myself start to get extremely anxious and agitated.

Life changes, our bodies change, as we get older things that used to matter don’t seem to be significant anymore. I can’t believe I am being this honest on my blog but I have gained 20 pounds which means I don’t feel as beautiful as I did when I was younger. Throughout the whole wedding all I could focus on is how unattractive I felt. I kept telling myself what man would ever fall in love with someone as ugly as me? The whole weekend I kept comparing myself to everyone else telling myself how ugly I was, how I should not have cut my hair, how I wasn’t good enough for any Indian man, and that my own parents shouldn’t love me. After the wedding I was back in my apartment and laying in bed and was thinking to myself and couldn’t stop thinking to myself why do I always have to be so hard on myself?

I have always felt so inadequate to Indian people..for some reason whenever I get around them I feel my confidence shrink, my strength disappears, and my voice becomes silent. I am not by any means blaming my race..but maybe it is the way Asians raise their kids to be these perfect human beings who get over educated, marry these perfect humans, and give birth to these genius babies. But what if I don’t want that for myself? I just want to be who I am meant to be. A bit messy, curvy, emotional, artistic, her dad is her best friend, and is very guarded. I know I have a good heart,  I’m a loyal friend; peaceful woman, career orientated, close to my family, educated and a bit funny. But when I get around Indian people for some reason all that fades away and I can’t help but feel all those people are looking down on me. I never want to raise my kids to think they are better than anyone just because of a certain degree they have, or how pretty they are, or just because their mother raised to turn up their noses to others.

As I laid in bed the other night  I was so mad at myself..how dare I let anyone make me feel less than I am? I am a creative woman, I am successful, I work for very hard, create beautiful pieces, and manage a big team and if that isn’t good enough for an Indian man then why do I seem to keep wasting my time on men like that? I learned so much at Fashion School and I refuse to let anyone tell me that isn’t good enough. We are all beautiful and smart in our ways. My weight gain doesn’t define me, I have always been very curvy do I love these new additional curves? No. Will I get myself toned again? Yes. Do I need to beat myself up all the time because of it ? No. Our bodies are so beautiful, we come in so many different shapes and sizes. Whatever size you are..OWN IT and LOVE IT! Shit I used to be a size Double 0 now I am a size 4 and I am going to enjoy it! Society is going to tell us so many things but we have to believe in our hearts and not let the negative energy surround us. When I turned 30 I felt so pathetic for still being single but for what reason?! I want to start enjoying my life again, I am still awesome, funny, make money and so what if I don’t have a man on my arm? Someday I will and when that day comes we will BOTH appreciate that we finally met our true best friend.

When I have a daughter I want to motivate her, I want to push her to be her best self, I want to guide her to find her true soul. I am so thankful that I have people in my life that are doing that for me. I don’t want her to ever turn 30 and feel so bad about herself if she isn’t married! Shit being married doesn’t make you better than anyone else! Look I believe marriage is a beautiful thing but it does not give anyone the right to look down on anyone else. You are blessed, enjoy that but never make someone feel less than because you have a ring on your finger.

I have clearly hit a rut in my journey but I know I will find my way again. I can’t continue to be so hard on myself or I will never be able to become the best version of myself. We all have chapters in our life some good, some we wish we could forget, but the best ones are the ones that teach us lessons that last us a lifetime. I am still learning about myself, making memories with my loved ones, working hard at my career, and dreaming that one day my one and only finds me and we will write our own love story!

Love, Sunder Soloni Behl

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Confucius

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” -Amy Bloom

“Hearts will break and people will hurt you, darling.” Her mother said. “But when you let those people control your outlook on the life, you only allow them to have a greater hold on your happiness. Once you accept the fact that every day is a new day to begin again, life becomes a much easier path to walk.” -Courtney Giardina

“You must know what you want, to find what you want.” -Lailah Gifty Akita

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Thought of the Day.

“The world can be a scary place, it can hurt you, it can create situations where you feel as if you are losing yourself. There are times in life where you will find yourself fighting to find yourself among all the pain. This is when you will become strong and through all that heartache you will find your strength. That strength will mold you into the person you are meant to become. Don’t let the anger and hurt of the past make you bitter..let that anger make your heart so strong that all it will feel is happiness and compassion. Our past should not be an excuse to be angry and mean however our past should stand for perseverance. Become that person who brings goodness and purity into the world. Vow to yourself that you will make this world a better place because at the end of the day we only answer to ourselves at night.” -Soloni Behl


Autumn is here…well almost!

Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe September is here and summer is officially coming to a close! As fall makes its arrival my nails tend to get shorter and my hair tends to get less “beachy” and tousled yet still not overdone.

The perfect transition nails are a neutral hue with a bit of shimmer in it which is perfect for any age group. In my opinion, longer nails belong in the spring and summer and shorter nails look chic in the fall and winter time.

Your hair now needs to be getting out of tousled territory but still not overly curled or straight. Your hair should find a happy medium..you still want it look wavy but now polished not “I just took a swim in the ocean.” I suggest drying it with a round brush to get some movement in there and than when it is 100% dry take a 1/2″ to 1″ wand and take BIG sections of your hair (about two pieces in the back, two at your crown, and two more pieces in front on each side) and keep it wrapped up for about 60 seconds. (If your hair tends not to hold a wave I suggest using a bit of hairspray). And viola you’ll get that perfect loose wave that looks beautiful day to night! Thanks for reading. Xoxo.


CND Perfect Color Powder.

I used the Remington T-Studio Ceramic PEARL Professional Curling Wand$30.00 at Ulta.

I used the Remington T-Studio Ceramic PEARL Professional Curling Wand $30.00 at Ulta.

Back to the Original.

Happy Sunday! The end of summer means goodbye blonde highlights and hello to brunette roots. I decided to go back to my dark locks and give my hair a rest from all the dye! I love it and feel dare I say…sexy?! HAH! I am loving my look and ready for some boots and chilly weather! Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading. Xoxo.


Viva Las Vegas!

Hello! I have been asked to write a post on how I would dress if I was on vacation at a resort in Las Vegas. I had a blast building outfits in my head and then bringing them to life on my blog. Enjoy the post! And as usual thanks for reading. Xoxo.

One of the best parts about taking a vacation in my opinion is the clothes…obviously. That thrill you get when you pack your new pieces that you’re so excited to wear on your trip (most likely will be posted on social media somewhere) is so fun! But the only downside is you don’t want to over pack or pay any heavy baggage fees so what’s fashionista to do?! This is where mixing and matching and buying versatile clothes comes in handy!

You want your outfit to take you from day to night seamlessly. It is important to remember accessories are the best way to change any outfit from casual to dressy.You start out your day having lunch at Lemongrass in the Aria so you want your look to balance casual yet sophisticated. You spend a few hours at the spa and walking around the city in the day time so you can keep your accessories from lunch on. Than as you ease into evening you change your accessories for dinner at the Lago than finally as night arrives you add in a red lip, some sexy smudged eyeliner, statement pieces and viola you are ready for a night of dancing at Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub at the Rio.

Viva Las Vegas!