Spring 2018: When to Shop a Sale.

Hello! I enjoy shopping I mean to the point where it is more than a hobby it is more like a talent. One of my favorite things to do is budget and sale shopping. I really truly do not like to buy full price if I can help it. I wanted to update my earrings for Spring, get some pops of color, and add some easy day to night pieces to my collection. You don’t have to update your closet and break the bank. The best time to go look for deals on items that are on trend or a classic item that won’t go out of style is at the start to mid week. Most stores do markdowns at the beginning of the week so the best time to go is Monday through Wednesday when the newest markdowns have not been shopped yet and the most variety will be there. I got a few pairs today for $12 dollars each and they were originally $40. Thanks for reading. Xoxo.


$12 each at Dillard’s.


Product Review: Lancome Bronzer.

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has a good and productive week. I don’t like to be heavy handed with my makeup especially during the week and at a corporate job. My go to look everyday is: tinted moisturizer, eyeliner on the inside on top and bottom, mascara, a peachy/brownish blush and a bit of bronzer to give myself a natural glow. Honestly the perfect bronzer is one that has limited sparkle and one that is ONE shade darker than your complexion. To achieve that nice natural looking glow never go beyond two shades darker than your actual skin tone. Thanks for reading. Xoxo.

Review: This color is highly pigmented, and you only need a little bit, it gives a nice glow and gives skin a dewy effect. I sometimes just use this without any blush if I am going for a very natural look. This bronzer goes well day or night. One palette should last you about a 6 months to a year depending on how much you wear it.


Lancome Long Lasting Bronzing Powder in “Golden” $38 at Sephora or Ulta

A Look Back at 2017.

As I say goodbye to an emotional draining year I can’t help but at least be thankful and appreciative that my life was spared. 2017 taught me a lot about patience, growing as a person, and what I wanted for my future. Though the accident and other personal moments this year were not of the most positive nature I can’t help but be proud of the personal growth I made. The love I felt from my loved ones during my recovery period was my biggest motivator in getting back to my normal self. The biggest lesson I took away from this year is to NEVER GIVE UPĀ because tomorrow is not promised, life can truly change in an instant, and never stop trying to be your best self.

My hope for 2018 is continue to improve myself, kick butt in my career, meet the love of my life, and give everyone I meet as much respect and kindness as I can. My wish for the world is to have peace and for the citizens of the world to treat each other with kindness no matter our differences.


Love, Sunder Soloni Behl

IMG_0130IMG_1508 (1)


Jewelry Trend: The Modern Hoop.

Hello! One of my favorites trends that has popped up lately are a comeback from the 90’s..hoop earrings! What I love about this look is there is a style for everyone they come in so many different sizes, colors, and textures. Personally I love gold hoops, paired with an over-sized tee, skinny jeans, and a bold lip. Another look I enjoy rocking is colorful pair with a black dress or dainty hoops with my leggings, casual top, and Adidas. Thanks for reading. Xoxo.

Jewelry Trend: Hoops.


Winter Wardrobe.

Hello! Now that we are halfway through the winter season I am sure most of you have dipped into your winter wardrobes and are rocking your jackets. I tend to wear mostly neutrals in the colder months and let my coats be my statement piece. Whether it be a bold color, or unique fabric, belted look, or simple peacoat. Thanks for reading. Xoxo.

The World Is Your Runway


Holiday Gift Guide.

Seasons Greeting! If you are like me buying presents can either be loads of fun or you accidentally overthink it and end up stressing yourself out instead. Here is a little gift guide to help give some idea’s on what to buy your loved ones! Thanks for reading. Xoxo.

For the makeup lover: NARS X Man Ray: The Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set $39 at Sephora

For the jewelry lover: Kate Spade New York “one in a million initial pedant” $58 at Nordstrom

For the handbag lover: Torcy Burch Small Fleming Bag $458 at Tory Burch

For the sneaker lover: ADIDAS Gazelle Sneaker $79 at Nordstrom

For the skincare lover: Glow For It Kit by Tata Harper $60 at Sephora

For the perfume lover: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Gift Set $165 at Nordstrom

For the tech lover: Plattan ADV Wireless Bluetooth Headphones $100 at Nordstrom

Holiday Gift Giving Guide


Seasons Greetings!

Hello! I love the holidays not only for the food, catching up with family and friends, decorating my house, and my favorite dressing up for Christmas parties! It’s the time of year where it is perfectly acceptable to wear an enormous amount of shimmer and not look like you bathed yourself in a glitter bomb! I have a few pieces that I reserve for the Holiday season such as my pleather tight, two leather skirts, my gold shimmery cardigan, and a few of my green silk tops! What are some of your favorite pieces that you wear only during the holiday seasons? Thanks for reading. Xoxo.